Special Olympics North Carolina

Mecklenburg County Camp SOAR 2022

June 13th - 17th, 2022
Levine Jewish Community Center
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Camp SOAR Volunteer Responsibilities

The safety of campers is always YOUR priority!

1. Wear camp shirt, preferably shorts (soccer/athletic), and tennis shoes.

· Shorts need to be longer than your shirt.

· No Soffe-type shorts.

· No tight jeans or leggings.

· No flip flops

2. Turn cell phone off. Phones use is not permitted during camp hours.

3. Bring small backpack to keep water, sunscreen, small snacks – MUST BE KOSHER, hat, sunglasses for the day. Lunch will be provided.

4. Arrive by :15 and pick up name tag and find your group leader.

5. Follow all group leader instructions.

6. Communicate any schedule changes in writing (ex. leaving early, change in days available) to your group leader.

7. Request that your camper call you by your first name vs. “girlfriend/boyfriend.”

8. Remain actively involved with your camper throughout the day.

9. Share any camper concerns with the group leader.

10. Confirm next day return and/or Friday attendance with camper or pick up person during dismissal. Report information back to the group leader.

At Camp SOAR, we want all volunteers to be able to enjoy the atmosphere of learning, growing and caring for one another. We ask all those who participate as volunteers to join us in upholding this effort. Appropriate steps will be taken to encourage any volunteer whose behavior is inappropriate for an inclusive camp setting, to seek to employ behaviors that are more appropriate, up to and including dismissal from Camp SOAR. Activities including physical violence, profanity, or illegal activity are grounds for immediate dismissal from Camp SOAR. We want our camp environment to be a safe haven where all people are wanted, welcomed, and accepted.

I am specifically granting my permission to Special Olympics to use my likeness, name, voice and words in television, radio, film, newspapers, magazines and other media, and in any form for the purpose of advertising or communicating the purposes and activities of Special Olympics and/or applying for funds to support those purposes and activities.

I have read the above statement, Volunteer Responsibilities, and I agree to accept and abide by the policies and conditions stated.